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How to get funding for my healthcare startup – Webinar

Join AppWell Health on March 30, 2021, for a complimentary online seminar on “How to get funding for my healthcare startup.” Registration here.

  • How funding a healthcare startup is different 
  • “Use of funds” specific to healthcare startups 
  • Top 5 things to keep in mind when raising funding for a healthcare startup 
  • Q&A 
Who should attend? 
  • Healthcare startup executives and cofounders 
  • Have completed some levels of market validation 
  • Pre-revenue or generating revenue 
  • Located in the United States, United Kingdom / Western Europe 
About AppWell.Health  

Combining over 20 years of healthcare industry expertise, software product development, cybersecuritydata science, user-centered design, and modern data strategy – we help execute healthcare product development visions, navigate product design decisions, increase speed to market, create beautiful user experiences, and maintain highly secure & HIPAA compliant environments. AppWell.Health is headquartered in Ukraine, with offices in New York, serving clients in the United States, UK, and Western European markets and throughout the world.  

About AppWell.Health Startup Program  

To assist startups in healthcare technology space, AppWell.Health has launched an ambitious Startup program. Through this new program, healthcare startups can apply for up to USD 125,000 of funds and resources in the form of development, IP (Intellectual Property) licensing, and advisory services, as well as introductions to potential investors within their region. IP licensing benefits include AppWell.Health’s healthcare software accelerator kits that assist with the rapid development of Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth, AI functionality, and HIPAA-compliance for healthcare software projects. Startups can reduce development costs by up to 30% and increase speed-to-market by up to 45%. 

Contact us for more information and demos.  

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About AppWell.Health

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AppWell Health creates well-focused healthcare technology. Combining over 20 years of healthcare industry expertise, software product development, cybersecurity, user-centered design experiences, and modern data strategy.

We help healthcare product development companies execute their vision, navigate product design decisions, increase speed to market, create beautiful user experiences, and maintain highly secure environments.

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