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AppWell Health Launches Accelerator Program for Healthcare Startups

February 2021 – AppWell Health, a trusted healthcare software development partner with offices in New York and Ukraine, has launched an ambitious program to assist healthcare startups.

Through this new program, healthcare startups can apply for up to $125,000 USD in funding and resources in the form of cash, development, IP (Intellectual Property) licensing, and advisory services, as well as introductions to potential investors within their region. 

IP licensing benefits include AppWell.Health’s HIPAA-compliant healthcare software accelerator kits that assist with rapid development of Remote Patient Monitoring (IoMT), Telehealth, and AI functionality into their products. Startups can reduce development costs by up to 30% and increase speed-to-market by up to 45%. 

Key benefits provided by the AppWell.Health accelerator platform 

  • AppWell Remote Patient Monitoring enables integration with patient wearable health devices.  
    1. Patients can connect and monitor health data (e.g. heart rate, blood oxygen levels, glucose levels) reporting in from wearable devices such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Oura ring, and Glucose monitors.  
    2. Providers can review Patient health data within the web portal and within telehealth sessions. 
    3. Providers can understand patient health data trends in order to provide better recommendations and treatment plans to patients. 
    4. Providers can be proactively alerted to critical health conditions based upon patient health data. This can assist with optimizing Patient health outcomes. 
  • AppWell Telehealth  incorporates telehealth capabilities such as Provider search, Patient scheduling, Patient records, messaging, and live video consultations. 
    1. Patients can search for and find Providers who specialize in certain conditions or who may be available and online for immediate assistance. 

    2. Patients can see Provider profile details and schedule online telehealth consultations with them. 

    3. Patients can see scheduled appointments with Providers, message Providers, send photos, and review recommended plans from Providers.  

    4. Patients can track activity within the app for their Providers to review. Patients can track activity type, duration and comment on activity records. 

    5. Providers can view Patient profiles, maintain notes of sessions with Patients, provide Patients with plans for improvements, and attach files to Patient profiles. 

Our accelerator IP kits allow companies to license our source code, saving months of time getting their products to market. They can start with beautifully designed user interfaces and pre-built source code, helping them shave off up to 30% in product development costs. Since our teams have healthcare industry experience and are aware of industry regulatory and compliance needs, we help customers avoid a lot of product development mistakes.” – states Stanislav, VP and co-founder at AppWell.Health 

About AppWell.Health 

Combining over 20 years of healthcare industry expertise, software product development, cybersecurity, data science, user-centered design, and modern data strategy – we help execute healthcare product development visions, navigate product design decisions, increase speed to market, create beautiful user experiences, and maintain highly secure & HIPAA compliant environments. AppWell.Health is headquartered in Ukraine, with offices in New York, serving clients in the United States, UK, and Western European markets and throughout the world. 

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About AppWell.Health

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AppWell Health creates well-focused healthcare technology. Combining over 20 years of healthcare industry expertise, software product development, cybersecurity, user-centered design experiences, and modern data strategy.

We help healthcare product development companies execute their vision, navigate product design decisions, increase speed to market, create beautiful user experiences, and maintain highly secure environments.

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