How we can help?

Each unique product requires a unique solution, along with the right leadership to take it from an idea to commercialization.

AppWell Health provides well focused health care tech.

Areas we can help you

Combining industry expertise, software development, cybersecurity, and design, we help healthcare product development companies navigate product design decisions, increase speed market, create beautiful user experiences, and maintain highly secure environments.

By Specialty


E-Consent Integration

Enable digital consent from patients to ensure proper legal record keeping and faster patient intake


Precision Medicine

Provide more precise and individualized diagnosis of patients and recommendations for treatment. Through the integration of genomic and lab result data. Through the user of genetics, data science and artificial intelligence, more accurate care and recommendations can be provided to patients.


Patient Intake

Smooth out the flow of patient onboarding and orchestration



Provide medical personnel availability and online patient scheduling


Industry expertise

Provide healthcare industry expertise to position your product correctly for your target audience. Ensure regulatory and compliance needs are considered



Integrate video and audio into health platforms for expanded capabilities of your product. Enable providers to assist patients and enable patients to have more options for medical assistance. Empower doctors, physical therapists, healthcare professionals, and medical personnel to assist patients from anywhere.

By Skillset


Technical Leadership

Leading and managing the product development lifecycle from UI/UX Design to development to ongoing production support to Marketing automation. Experienced in building healthcare products.


Connected Devices (IoMT/IoHT)

Enable connected healthcare devices to report in into central hubs to provide insights and reporting of most important and actionable data.


Integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

To enable quicker decisions, reduce manual workflows and provide better insights to users



Ensure systems communicate the correct data at the correct time and remain in sync. Save medical personal time searching through multiple systems.



Create visualizations and clickable prototypes of a concept so you can get user testing feedback, market validation, get stakeholder consensus and provide better investor presentations


Branding & Design

Craft user-centered designs that convey your brand message while providing intuitive user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX)



Ensure applications are developed, integrated, and managed in a secure manner, providing the highest level of protection for patient and customer data


Data Privacy

Protect against threats to the security or integrity of data


Modern Data Strategy

Build data strategies that position your product for growth, scalability and executive insights