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Regulatory compliance, ensuring the confidentiality and security of electronically protected health information (PHI), and protecting corporate IT environments is essential to maintain your customers’ trust and reduce business risk

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AppWell Health can help your organization navigate the complexities of building healthcare products that meet your business compliance requirements. Developing healthcare products requires more than programming know-how. It also requires knowledge of the healthcare industry, cybersecurity, data science, and regulatory & compliance. Today’s businesses face ever-increasing and ever-changing regulations and compliance demands. Depending on the product, you may be subject to HIPAA regulations, HITRUST, GDPR, ISO, and other local or country-specific regulations.

Data Integrity

Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all data created, received, maintained, or transmitted

Data Integrity
Healthcare Data Science

Infrastructure Security

Identify and protect against threats to the security and integrity of the application infrastructure

Data Security

Protect against impermissible uses or disclosures

Data Security
Awareness Training

Awareness Training

Provide security and compliance awareness within your workforce

Compliance Roadmap

Craft product development strategy & roadmap that will align with compliance needs

AppWell Health’s data science team
Vulnerability Management


Remediate open security vulnerabilities

Risk Assessments

Perform gap analysis & assessments to understand current risks and exposures due to existing environment configurations, policies, or procedures

Risk Assessments
Choosing the wrong software provider could be costly, leading to fines, reputational risk, wasted time, and development efforts. Contact us to find out how we can help you with HIPAA Compliance Audits.

What you get with Appwell Health Compliance Advisory Services

Mobile Hippa Service
Hipaa Compliance Service

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Whether you need help with ML (machine learning), AI (artificial intelligence), Data Visualization, IoMT, modern data science practices, or blockchain solutions, AppWell Health’s data science team can prepare your business for the future.

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