Cybersecurity Service

AppWell Health’s Cybersecurity group can assist in improving the security of healthcare software and corporate environments.

Additionally, security assessments of your current environment can be completed, showing current risks and issues that may require remediation, along with suggestions on how to better secure the overall environment.

Healthcare Cyber Security Solutions

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Ensure applications are developed, integrated, and managed securely, providing the highest protection level for patient and customer data. Incorporating automated security code scanning tools, penetration testing, best practices for secure programming, and security awareness training



Implement protective measures for on-premises and cloud infrastructure (AWS/Azure)

Connected devices

Safeguard wearable and industrial IoMT devices to reduce risk of data being intercepted and devices being compromised

Connected Devices
Healthcare Data Science


Ensure the security and integrity of application and patient data

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Cybersecurity Service

Mobile Security
Cybersecurity service

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Let’s Discuss How Our Team  Can Help Your Company