Startup Program

What it is

Who can participate?

Typically to qualify for this program, a startup must:

Even if we cannot work together within the parameters of this program, you may be eligible for some limited discounted rates or promotions as a startup. Let's connect and see how we can help you. Complete the form below to get started today.

How we help startups



User Experience​



Regulatory and Compliance (HIPPA, GDPR, ect.)

Digital Marketing

Ongoing support and enhancement

Technical leadership

Commercialization Leadership

Who we are

AppWell Health creates well-focused healthcare technology.

Headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, AppWell Health clients are primarily in the United States, UK and Western Europe markets.

Combining industry expertise, software development, cybersecurity, and design, we help healthcare product development companies navigate product design decisions, increase speed market, create beautiful user experiences, and maintain highly secure environments.

How to apply

Complete the form below and one of our program coordinators will
review and reach out to you directly.