How to set up a Healthcare-focused Cybersecurity Team
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How to set up a Healthcare-focused Cybersecurity Team in Ukraine

With the cybersecurity talent shortage currently estimated at more than 4 million professionals, finding qualified people with the needed skills and competencies is a daunting task. On top of this, finding that same talent plus ensuring they have the healthcare-focused experience, adds to this complexity and cost. In this insightful article, you will learn how to set up a Healthcare-focused Cybersecurity team in Ukraine.

According to a 2019 Deloitte survey of 500 C-level executives, an alarming 99% of organizations are outsourcing some portion of their cybersecurity operations due to this situation. And Ukraine ranks in the top four outsourcing destinations worldwide.  

There are two general approaches to establishing a cybersecurity team in Ukraine:

  1. Build your own team in Ukraine 
  2. Use an outsourced team in Ukraine

Build your own team in Ukraine

This option provides you with total control over your healthcare cybersecurity team. You will be responsible and in complete control of all things such as recruiting, hiring, training, performance reviews, local office management, legal, accounting, tax, etc.   

Below are some key steps to help you set up a Healthcare-focused Cybersecurity team in Ukraine

  1. Establish a strategy, mission, and vision 

    Start by studying the risks and threats your company faces or is likely to face in the future. 

  2. Establish a program

    Crafting your program will take time, resources, and expertise. Getting this right will help you focus on building out the right talent mix in your team. Getting this wrong could compromise your company’s security, waste valuable budget and resources.

  3. Determine the Ukrainian city to establish office

    We would recommend one of the top 5 largest cities to ensure sufficient breadth of talent within the cities. 

  4. Find and rent physical office space

    It is still important for people to be able to come together and meet face to face. There may be physical security requirements that do not allow remote office workers. Ensure the office space complies with your business’s regulatory requirements, for example, if you have specific ISO requirements for the office’s security level. 

  5. Recruit and staff office

    Make sure you first have a clear definition of each position’s role and responsibility so that each team member can be as effective as possible. It’s vital to ensure they have experience in healthcare security as well as the compliance and regulations you will be facing in your business. 

  6. Establish KPIs and OKR to measure performance and effectiveness

    It is important people understand how they are being measured and what the definition of success is for each person. Their performance can then be regularly reviewed, and feedback can be provided.

  7. Establish training programs and respective budgets

    It’s essential to ensure staff is trained and updated on the latest Cybersecurity tools, threats, and techniques. Ensure the training reflects the healthcare industry’s unique security and compliance needs.

The AppWell.Health Accelerator Platform

Use Healthcare Cybersecurity Outsourcing Company

If you are looking to get up and running more quickly, are not interested in dealing with local regulations, setting up everything from scratch, or dealing with staff staffing and management. You may be better off outsourcing all or part of your Cybersecurity needs to a qualified Ukraine vendor who has experience with healthcare-focused security and compliance. Or reach out to AppWell Health, and start leveraging our Healthcare Cybersecurity service.

Benefits of outsourcing

  • Save time 
    Cyberattacks are ever-changing and increasing in sophistication. Chances are you or your in-house team may not be able to up to date on the latest tools, technologies, and threats your company is facing. Engaging a cybersecurity team in Ukraine will enable you to focus more on your company’s core competency while specialized security experts are watching your back. 
  • 24/7/365 Protection 
    An outsourced Cybersecurity team in Ukraine can provide 24/7/365 assistance, monitoring, and threat response capabilities for your company. They can help you identify potential threats, harden your existing environment, and react to threats that occur.  
  • Save money 
    Establishing your own office in Ukraine can be expensive. Unexpected expenses will arise, timelines will get stretched further than anticipated, and navigating the local regulations can be tiring. Additionally, you can scale the outsourced team up and down as your business needs change, without having to worry about new office space or similar fixed operating costs.

Common cybersecurity functions to outsource

  • Security operations 
    Most large corporations maintain a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) to monitor and respond to threats in real-time. However, unless you are an enterprise company, operating a SOC is expensive, and generally, this department is best outsourced to an external Ukrainian security vendor. 
  • Vulnerability management 
    In general, managing vulnerabilities is an unending battle. Most companies do not have the equipment to scan, analyze, and remediate open vulnerabilities. Many companies struggle just to keep everything patched and up to date, the lack thereof leading to a constant stream of open vulnerabilities that threat actors can exploit to attack your business. 
  • Penetration Testing 
    Being able to find holes in your infrastructure or applications requires specialized skills. Generally, teams are trying to build new functionality and getting things working, while a penetration tester is trying to break things and get things not to work. It’s a very different mindset. Penetration testing enables you to be aware of vulnerabilities to remediate before the bad guys find them. 
  • Compliance 
    While not directly a Cybersecurity activity, compliance and governance activities are very closely related are also good candidates for outsourcing. Keeping up with regulatory data standards is not easy. Even enterprise companies struggle to manage against ever-changing regulations. However, recent standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and HITRUST have made compliance a more complicated task. It takes highly experienced and expert professionals to decipher the requirements.

Other Cybersecurity areas to consider 

  • Network/Perimeter Security  
  • Cloud Infrastructure Security  
  • Platform/Endpoint security   
  • Forensic Analysis  

What’s next 

Setting up your own office or outsourcing to an external provider is a decision that requires careful thought and planning. Proper due diligence will help to evaluate what is best for your business needs.

Reach out to us for a free consultation with our experts if you need detailed advice for your situation. We can help you establish your own office from scratch or help you with your outsourcing needs. 

About us: AppWell Health is a trusted software development partner. Combining industry expertise, software development, cybersecurity, and design to craft unique healthcare product solutions. We help our clients build competitive healthcare software products. If you have any questions, please drop us a line at any time. 

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